GPS Equipment

We carry both Carlson and eGPS GNSS solutions including the Carlson BRx7, eGPS 20TL and eGPS M5.

Carlson BRx7

The Carlson BRx7 provides a class-leading 800+ channels, 8gb of memory, tilt compensation ability, integrated dual-band UHF transceiver, Quad-Band GSM modem, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a rugged IP67-rated housing. Best-in-class RTK performance is provided by the Athena GNSS engine, supporting multi-frequency GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo, QZSS, IRNSS and Atlas L-band capability.


The eGPS 20TL GNSS receiver integrates a state-of-the-art GNSS RTK engine with advanced GNSS tracking capabilities to dramatically increase your RTK availability and reliability. The 20TL features a 336 channel multi-constellation GNSS receiver, 4G network modem and internal UHF radio modem.


The eGPS M5 features a reliable 624 channel multi-constellation GNSS receiver with an on-board UHF radio and 4G modem, integrated NTRIP client, internal Rx/Tx UHF, and external controller modes, 8GB internal memory, dual hot-swappable batteries and IP67 dust and waterproof rating. The M5's fast signals tracking and quick RTK fixed solution allows you to get more done in less time.

Robotics and Total Stations

eSurveying offers a full line of Geomax and Carlson robotic instruments and total stations.

Geomax Zoom95

The Geomax Zoom95 and Carlson CRx are the perfect one-person total station. The prism can be quickly located, tracked and stays locked with the built-in STReAM360 technology. The Zoom95/CRx includes a large 5″ VGA touch screen, powerful processor, X-MOTION Hybrid drives, Scout: quickly search for passive prisms, full connectivity and accXess EDM Technology.

Geomax Zoom40

The Zoom40 manual total station, with its high resolution color and touch display, gives you the flexibility to run X-PAD, Carlson SurvCE or any custom windows CE software. When flexibility counts, the GeoMax Zoom40 Series is your choice.

Geomax Zoom50

The Zoom50 manual total station features an intelligent distance measurement engine designed for outstanding range, speed and highest accuracy. For the highest performance on all levels even under most challenging conditions, the GeoMax Zoom50 series is the perfect choice.

Data Collectors

Data collectors are available in either Windows or Android platforms and include tablets, partial and full keyboard options.

Carlson RT4

Base, Cell or Geo Cell Models Windows OS tablet


3.5G GSM modem, WiFi and 3000 ft long range Bluetooth; Partial keyboard


Internal u-blox ZED-F9P high precision L1/L2 multi-constellation GNSS receiver; Partial keyboard

Juniper Allegro3

Geo Model Android OS; Full keyboard

Juniper Cedar CT8X2

Android OS tablet

Juniper Mesa3

Geo Model Android OS tablet

Levels and Lasers

From daily leveling tasks to high accuracy the Geomax line of levels, pipe lasers and rotating lasers offer maximum productivity, robustness and flexibility and are guaranteed to get the job done accurately and on time.

Geomax ZAL300 Series ZAL330 30X Automatic Level

Class leading optics
Patented magneX compensator system

Geomax ZAL100 Series ZAL132 32X Automatic Level

IP54 rating, rugged
Perfect for any construction site

Geomax Zeta125 Pipe Laser

Fast self-leveling
IP8 protection
Full metal housing

Geomax Zone20 H Rotating Laser Level with ZRP105 Pro Receiver

Simple, rugged and affordable
IP67 protection

Geomax Zone20 HV Rotating Laser Level with ZRP105 Pro Receiver

Multipurpose laser for indoor and outdoor use
Vertical leveling capability

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